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This starts in early 2007 . when Sanjeev Marwah came to south africa and start there business in the industry

of cellular accessories. Mr sanjeev had a good experience in import and export business from back india . So

he started importing good and start supplying in local market .With the aim of providing good quality products

with reasonable prices . companies grows rapidly and in 2015 after seeing the need of market of tech

electronics. Gadget World was started. The idea behind it was that we have traveled extensively to China for

our business and know that there is larger amounts of gadget’s and electronics that where not ever imported

to South Africa and are never even seen in South Africa. So very few Shops stock or sell gadgets. Also when

these shops do sell electronics the shops seldom give any guarantee on the item, and can never do any repair

to it as they don’t hold any stock of spares or batteries.

So we want to bring this items to South Africa but for us to do this we needed to start our own retail chain of

shop to sell this through. When we started in South Africa we import quality gadgets and electronic products

that we can also guarantee for 12 month. We make sure we can do repair to it and replace batteries to it. 

Since opening we have 24 out lets. These shops sell unique gadgets and lifestyle electronic products beside

offer a large variety of services like battery replacement and repairs done with better quality parts. The shops

is very sought after by other trader and customers alike in South Africa that in 99% of the time we only open in

larger mall with higher foot traffic.

During 2018 We expend our vision and wanted to enter into lifestyle product category and we collaborate with

one of the growing company of hongkong and signed sole distributor ship with the well known international

brand REMAX, which has currently over 5500 shop world wide of which 2/3rd is run under franchise

agreement. In most of these shops they place only one brand (Remax).we have successfully open 4 shops and

projecting to have 20 shops till the end of 2019

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